Bad Bunny Rocks SNL: A Star-Studded Spectacle You Didn’t See Coming

Bad Bunny’s SNL Takeover: A Night of Laughter, Language, and Legends

In a weekend filled with jaw-dropping surprises and A-list cameos, Bad Bunny‘s Saturday Night Live (SNL) monologue stole the show, leaving audiences dazzled and delighted. Wearing an electric blue blazer sans a shirt underneath, Pedro Pascal joined the Puerto Rican rap sensation to add a touch of charm and humor to the evening. But the surprises didn’t stop there. Mick Jagger made an unexpected appearance during a telenovela sketch, while Lady Gaga made a starry-eyed introduction for Bad Bunny’s first performance. With “Bad Bunny” as our focus keyword, let’s dive into the electrifying details of this SNL extravaganza.

Bad Bunny

An Unpredictable Extravaganza

It’s safe to say that most SNL enthusiasts didn’t see this level of star-studded spectacle coming. Bad Bunny’s monologue set the tone for the evening, exuding relaxed charisma that had the audience hooked. He addressed the language barrier with a hint of humor, suggesting he does “whatever he wants.” Pedro Pascal’s recommendation to use self-deprecating humor, delivered with finesse, ensured the young host was endearing himself to the audience.

The show predominantly unfolded in Spanish, without subtitles, yet the humor transcended language barriers. Sketches like the 16th-century explorers seeking approval from the King of Spain and a telenovela shoot with feuding brothers (featuring Punkie Johnson) showcased the cast’s comedic prowess. Marcello Hernandez’s introduction of his gringo girlfriend to his disapproving Mama and Tia, played by Pascal and Bad Bunny, provided memorable moments, language notwithstanding.

Bad Bunny’s Versatility

Bad Bunny transitioned seamlessly from performing on stage, dripping in leather and diamonds, to donning a nun’s habit in a hilarious Sister Act parody. In this unexpected twist, the nuns learned of a man lurking among them, intent on deflowering the convent. Bad Bunny, hidden beneath his habit, delivered an outstanding performance, eliciting giggles and gasps from his fellow nuns. Mick Jagger also reappeared, adding to the delightful chaos.

Bad Bunny

A Gripe and A Sigh

Amid the laughter and surprises, there were moments that left a bittersweet taste. Some jokes, particularly those referencing Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, felt excessive and unnecessarily harsh. The constant media attention on Jada Pinkett Smith appeared to have led to an unwarranted backlash. It’s essential to remember that public figures are human, and relentless scrutiny can be taxing.

The highlight of the evening was an unexpected twist: a joke about the WNBA finals. Michael Che’s announcement that the New York Liberty won was met with cheers, only to reveal it was a playful ruse. The Vegas team had triumphed, leaving the audience momentarily stunned. A cameo from WNBA star A’ja Wilson in a future episode would be a welcome addition.

In summary, Bad Bunny’s SNL appearance was a remarkable showcase of talent, humor, and star power. The unexpected celebrity appearances, the language diversity, and Bad Bunny’s remarkable versatility left a lasting impression. It was an evening filled with laughter, surprises, and a touch of controversy—a true SNL spectacle that no one saw coming.


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