Baltimore’s Morgan State University Shaken by Shooting During Homecoming Festivities 2023

Baltimore’s Morgan State University Shaken by Shooting During Homecoming Festivities

In a shocking incident that marred the celebration of homecoming week at Morgan State University in Baltimore, five individuals were injured in a shooting on Tuesday evening. This abrupt act of violence led to an extended lockdown at the historically Black college, leaving the campus community in a state of fear and uncertainty.

Morgan State University

Unprecedented Chaos During Homecoming

As the coronation of Mister & Miss Morgan State was concluding at the Murphy Fine Arts Center, chaos erupted on campus. Students were preparing to attend a campus ball when the tranquility of the evening was shattered by gunshots, prompting panic among attendees. Konnor Crowder, a sophomore, described the scene as students frantically ran across the campus, uncertain of what was happening.

Quick Response Amidst Uncertainty

Baltimore Police Commissioner Richard Worley disclosed that four males and one female, aged between 18 and 22, were injured in the incident. Fortunately, none of the injuries were life-threatening. Worley, addressing reporters at a news conference, acknowledged the confusion surrounding the number of shooters and suspects involved. As a precautionary measure, students were asked to shelter in place for approximately four hours, while law enforcement officers meticulously searched for suspects, initially suspecting an active shooter scenario.

The lockdown was eventually lifted after SWAT officers cleared a building that a possible suspect may have entered. Students, many of whom were dressed in elegant gowns and suits for the event, slowly left the arts center, still in shock over the unexpected turn of events.

Morgan State University

Community Support and Concern

Outside the campus, parents anxiously waited for their children, huddled at a media staging area near the police blockade. One parent, James Willoughby, a Morgan State alum, expressed his determination to stay until he laid eyes on his daughter, a freshman at the university. Glenmore Blackwood, whose son was inside the arts center during the shooting, shared his sadness over the incident, emphasizing that the event was meant to promote positivity.

University Response and Future Plans

Morgan State University President David Wilson swiftly responded to the situation by canceling Wednesday’s classes and announcing an emergency meeting to assess the status of other events leading up to the school’s homecoming game, scheduled for Saturday. Wilson emphasized that this tragic incident would not define the university.

Morgan State University, founded in 1867 as the Centenary Biblical Institute, has a rich history of providing educational opportunities for Black citizens. Located in northeast Baltimore since 1917, it has played a crucial role in the community.

Calls for National Gun Reform

Baltimore Mayor Brandon Scott, reacting to the incident, highlighted the need for national gun reform. Despite recent declines in the city’s homicide rate, the shooting at Morgan State University underscores the urgent necessity for addressing gun violence at a national level.

In conclusion, the unexpected violence that unfolded during the homecoming festivities at Morgan State University serves as a stark reminder of the ongoing challenges faced by communities across the nation. As investigations into the incident continue, the university remains resilient in its mission to provide education and opportunities to its students, striving to overcome adversity and promote a brighter future.


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