Clemson's Troubling Start: Analyzing the 2023

Clemson's Troubling Start: Analyzing the 2023


When Dabo Swinney’s Tigers embarked on their 2023 season journey against the Duke Blue Devils, expectations were high for Clemson. However, the outcome was far from what anyone anticipated. Clemson, the heavy favorite, found themselves on the wrong side of a 28-7 scoreline. While Duke played a commendable game, it was Clemson’s self-inflicted wounds that took center stage.

Key Takeaways from Clemson’s Disheartening Loss to Duke

1. Self-Inflicted Errors: The Tigers’ performance was marred by sloppy tackling and crucial turnovers in the red zone, undermining their chances of victory.

2. Offensive Struggles: Despite the arrival of offensive coordinator Garrett Riley from TCU, Clemson’s offense failed to live up to expectations. The play calling in the first half was lackluster, and the team lacked big-play capability.

3. Defensive Challenges: Clemson’s defense had moments of promise but struggled against the run, allowing 199 rushing yards and failing to generate pressure with zero sacks.

4. Misuse of Will Shipley: Despite his talent, star running back Will Shipley was underutilized, missing a chance to make a more significant impact on the game.

5. Need for Offensive Evolution:  The Tigers must rethink their offensive strategy, taking more risks and exploring downfield passing to compete effectively.

Clemson fans, much like the team itself, are left with a sense of frustration and disappointment after this unexpected loss. Let’s delve deeper into these takeaways and explore the path forward for the Tigers.

Analyzing the Self-Inflicted Errors

The most glaring aspect of Clemson’s loss to Duke was the abundance of self-inflicted errors. Sloppy tackling and turnovers in crucial moments handed Duke opportunities they capitalized on. The Tigers’ special teams also had their share of issues, with a blocked field goal and a missed attempt. Such mistakes can be costly in any game but were especially detrimental in this matchup.

The Offensive Challenge

Expectations were sky-high for Clemson’s offense with Garrett Riley at the helm. However, the reality of Week 1 was harsh. The play calling in the first half left much to be desired, and the offense struggled to create big plays. The optimism surrounding quarterback Cade Klubnik and Riley’s arrival was met with a disappointing offensive performance that echoed the struggles of the previous season.

Defensive Concerns

While the defense showed promise at times, it had its share of challenges. Allowing 199 rushing yards, with Duke averaging 6.6 yards per carry, exposed vulnerabilities in Clemson’s run defense. The inability to wrap up led to several significant plays for Duke, including a 44-yard touchdown run. The defensive line failed to generate pressure, finishing the game with zero sacks.


Shipley’s Untapped Potential

One of the most frustrating aspects of the game was the underutilization of star running back Will Shipley. While he touched the ball 23 times for 143 yards and a touchdown, it felt like a missed opportunity to let Shipley take over the game. The Tigers needed to capitalize on his abilities, especially in the red zone, where his impact could have been game-changing.

Evolving the Offensive Strategy

To move forward from this painful loss, Clemson needs to reevaluate its offensive approach. The lack of downfield passes in the game plan was concerning. Opening up the offense, taking calculated risks, and seeking big plays downfield should be a priority for the Tigers if they aim to compete with the nation’s best.

Clemson's Troubling Start: Analyzing the 2023


Clemson’s deflating loss to Duke serves as a wake-up call for the Tigers. While Duke played a strong game, Clemson’s self-inflicted wounds and underwhelming performances in various facets of the game were equally responsible for the outcome. The Tigers must learn from this experience, address their shortcomings, and look to evolve their strategies, particularly on offense, to ensure a more successful season ahead.


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