CWRU Takes Measures to Manage Google Drive Files for Alumni and Inactive Accounts

In a move to adhere to Google’s file storage guidelines, Case Western Reserve University’s University Technology ([U]Tech) department is embarking on a strategic initiative to clear Google Drive files associated with suspended CWRU Google Workspace accounts and Shared Drives scheduled for removal.


Efficient File Management

Starting on September 12th, 2023, [U]Tech will begin the process by categorizing files in Google Workspace that are slated for deletion with a label reading “To Be Deleted.” Please note that this label may take a few days to become visible on the affected files.

Account Deletion Timeline

On February 1st, 2024, Google accounts linked to individuals who have been disaffiliated with the university for more than six months will be permanently deleted. This includes all files owned by those accounts, rendering them irretrievable. Furthermore, on the same date, Shared Drives lacking an active CWRU manager for over one year will also face deletion. Post-February 1st, 2024, any Google Workspace account suspended for 180 days and any Shared Drive without an active CWRU manager for more than one year will be automatically removed.

Protecting Your Files

To ensure that you retain access to crucial files, it is highly advisable for all faculty, staff, and students to review the files marked for deletion. To locate and safeguard these files, please follow the instructions provided on the Google Files Shared By Suspended Users webpage.



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