Dean Phillips’ Bold Move: 2024 Presidential Nomination Challenge Against Biden

Bold Challenge: Rep. Dean Phillips Declares 2024 Democratic Presidential Nomination Bid

In a stunning announcement on CBS News Friday morning, Rep. Dean Phillips has officially thrown his hat into the ring, vying for the Democratic nomination in the 2024 presidential race. The three-term Minnesota congressman’s decision to challenge incumbent President Joe Biden places him firmly on the fringes of the party, as he confronts the well-funded and establishment-backed leader.

Phillips isn’t the sole contender; he will also face the underdog, Marianne Williamson, in the race. At 54 years old, Phillips has been actively urging Democrats for months to present an alternative to the 80-year-old President Biden, citing concerns regarding his age and approval ratings.

Dean Phillips

However, this election is about the future. I refuse to remain silent in the face of data indicating an impending crisis next November,” Phillips stated passionately as he unveiled his candidacy.

Later today, Phillips is expected to file for the New Hampshire primary election, followed by a formal announcement at the Statehouse plaza in Concord. A bus tour will kick off after the announcement.

There have been signs hinting at Phillips’ aspirations all week. The Concord Department of Administrative Services confirmed that Phillips obtained permits for the State House Plaza on Friday, presumably for his White House bid launch. Furthermore, a bus bearing the slogan ‘Dean Phillips for President’ was spotted in Ohio, en route to New Hampshire. An unmistakable campaign van was seen parked outside the New Hampshire Statehouse, featuring Phillips’ campaign branding.

Although speculations regarding Phillips’ candidacy surfaced in July, he initially hesitated to enter the 2024 Democratic primary race against Biden. However, public demand for an alternative candidate persisted, and Phillips responded. Citing national and state polling data, he emphasized the need for an alternative to Biden, particularly considering concerns about the President’s age. A recent Gallup poll revealed a drop in Biden’s job approval among Democratic adults, although a majority still supports him. His overall approval rating remains relatively low.

Dean Phillips

By launching his campaign in New Hampshire, Phillips solidifies his position as a party outsider, especially since the state deviates from the DNC’s approved early nominating calendar. Notably, neither the Democratic National Committee nor the Biden campaign has provided official comments on Phillips’ entry into the race.

Phillips’ New Hampshire launch has garnered criticism from fellow Democratic colleagues, with some describing it as a “vanity project.” Minnesota Governor Tim Walz, while respecting Phillips, firmly supports Biden’s nomination.

By solely filing for the presidency in New Hampshire and not complying with Nevada’s deadlines, Phillips risks not being a competitive challenger to Biden, according to Artie Blanco, a Democratic National Committee member from Nevada.

A native of Edina, Minnesota, Phillips is a distinguished graduate of Brown University and holds an MBA from the University of Minnesota’s Carlson School of Business. His successful endeavors include building the Talenti Gelato chain and founding the Twin Cities-based coffee shop, ‘Penny’s Coffee.’

This daring move by Rep. Dean Phillips signifies a monumental shift in the Democratic race for the 2024 presidential nomination, setting the stage for a contest that promises to captivate the nation.


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