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Inter Miami’s Playoff Pursuit: Can Lionel Messi Lead the Charge to Postseason Glory?”

The club still has a considerable distance to cover if they aim to secure a spot in the postseason, but so far, they remain unstoppable. Following an impressive display from Lionel Messi during Leagues Cup play, where the Argentine maestro guided Inter Miami to victory, contributing 10 goals and one assist, the team is now entering a crucial phase where Messi will need to lead them to a playoff berth against all odds. The outlook is becoming increasingly positive for the Herons, especially after their victory over Los Angeles FC. However, they must maintain their excellent form as they currently trail D.C. United by eight points. Their upcoming home match against Sporting Kansas City is pivotal. Given their current performance level, breaking into a playoff position is a challenging but achievable goal, and this red-hot squad appears capable of achieving the seemingly impossible.


Miami will not only have to strive to accumulate as many points as possible but also rely on assistance from the teams in their vicinity, as they lack full control over their fate. Moreover, the involvement of other team members will be pivotal, especially during the international breaks in September and October when Tata Martino may find himself without a substantial portion of the squad while squaring off against Sporting Kansas City and Charlotte FC twice.


Ukraine has already summoned Serhiy Kryvtsov, and the likes of Messi, Robert Taylor, and Josef Martinez will also be representing their respective nations. Even Drake Callender and Benjamin Creamashi have received calls to join the United States men’s national team. This means that Miami will have gaps in their roster that Martino will need to navigate around. Fortunately, new additions Diego Gomez, Tomas Aviles, and Facundo Farias will facilitate this task, but it will require collective effort from everyone to endure these challenges.


Miami’s current position in the standings

Total points: 25
Record: 7-4-14
Eastern Conference position: 14th
Games remaining: 9



“If my predictions hold true, Miami would accumulate 47 points, a total that would have meant missing the playoffs before the expansion allowed for eighth and ninth-place teams to qualify. However, this could now potentially secure them a playoff spot this season, while also posing a significant challenge for the current top-seeded team in the conference if they can advance through the play-in round. It’s crucial to note that in MLS, tiebreakers are determined by the number of wins rather than goal difference, and this is where Miami might hold a significant advantage, as they have not drawn many games this season compared to the teams ahead of them in the standings.


The projections come with a few caveats, including limited sample size and the changing dynamics of the ninth-place incentive compared to previous years. Miami faces a daunting task in the league, but with Messi on board, the Herons have already made history, making it unwise to discount their potential to maintain their remarkable form. So far, no one has managed to halt their progress, not even the reigning MLS champions.”




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