John Kelly Exposes Trump’s Disdain for Military Heroes

Former Marine General John Kelly Reveals Shocking Details of Trump’s Contempt for US Military Heroes

In a candid and revealing interview, former Marine General and White House Chief of Staff John Kelly has added his voice to the growing chorus of those confirming stories of former President Donald Trump‘s disturbing disdain for wounded and killed U.S. soldiers and their families. With a resounding declaration, Kelly took center stage in the Republican primary, urging, “God help us.” Kelly, who also served as Homeland Security Secretary under Trump, sharing insights that shed light on Trump’s often-controversial stance on the U.S. military. john kelly

General John Kelly Exposes Trump’s Callous Disregard for Military Heroes: A Shocking Revelation

Throughout the interview, Kelly reiterated that much of what the public knows about Trump’s attitude towards the military likely originated from him as a source for press reports and books. His firsthand account paints a troubling picture of Trump’s perspective, one that deemed soldiers, especially those who sacrificed greatly, as ‘suckers’ because, in Trump’s words, ‘there is nothing in it for them.’ Kelly did not shy away from addressing Trump’s history of derogatory remarks towards military icons like Senator John McCain, branding him a ‘loser’ for being captured during the Vietnam War. Trump’s public comments about preferring soldiers who weren’t captured shocked many. In a 2020 story by Jeffrey Goldberg of the Atlantic, Trump was revealed to have also described former President George H.W. Bush as a ‘loser’ due to his service in the Navy during World War II. Furthermore, Kelly disclosed that Trump actively avoided being seen in the presence of military amputees because he believed it wouldn’t reflect well on him, as reported by Peter Baker and Susan Glasser in their book “The Divider: Trump in the White House, 2017-2021.” Even during discussions about military parades in Washington, Trump resisted including wounded soldiers, stating that it ‘doesn’t look good for me.’ Kelly continued to expose Trump’s contempt for Gold Star families, those who have lost a member in active duty. He recounted Trump’s clashes with the Khan family during the 2016 campaign and the controversial call with a Gold Star mother in 2017. Despite testing positive for COVID-19, Trump attended a reception for Gold Star families in late 2020. Kelly also highlighted the Atlantic’s reporting on Trump’s refusal to visit first world war graves in France in 2018. john kelly

Trump’s Troubling Legacy: A Disregard for American Values and Heroes

But Kelly’s revelations didn’t stop there. He accused Trump of being untruthful about his positions on various issues, including the protection of unborn life, women’s rights, minority rights, evangelical Christians, Jews, and working-class Americans. Kelly portrayed Trump as someone who lacked a fundamental understanding of America’s values and principles. He emphasized that Trump had cavalierly suggested a selfless warrior should lose his life for treason. Recently, Trump made headlines by suggesting that Army General Mark Milley should be executed for treason. In response, Milley emphasized that the U.S. armed forces serve the constitution, not “wannabe dictators.” Kelly’s parting words were sobering: “A person who admires autocrats and murderous dictators. Reached out to Trump’s campaign for comment, but the response was focused on insulting the character and credibility of General Milley, who was not connected to this story.     Visit For More – Soul String┬áReport  

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