Mariah Carey’s Magical Holiday Countdown: Let the Festivities Begin!

Mariah Carey’s Magical Reveal: The Official Start of MariahSZN

Mariah Carey, widely known as the Queen of Christmas, is not only famous for her angelic voice but also for her impeccable timing when it comes to spreading holiday cheer. Every year, she has a special message for her dedicated fans, the Lambily: Christmas is on its way, but let’s not rush it before Halloween is done.

But when the clock strikes 12:01 on November 1, Mariah Carey wastes no time diving headfirst into the festive season. In her latest enchanting announcement on Tuesday night (November 31), she treated her fans to a captivating 35-second video that she captioned with her signature seasonal proclamation: “It’s…… TIME!!!”

The video opens with a frozen vault, displaying a red countdown clock above it, set for “November 1 12:00.” As the vault door swings open, Mariah’s assistants, donned in spooky masks, use hair dryers to liberate the diva from a massive block of ice.

Mariah Carey

True to her character, Mariah finishes the grand entrance with one of her trademark high notes, causing the ice to shatter. Out emerges Mariah, dressed in a vibrant red and white Santa-style costume, surrounded by falling snowflakes and a magical forest of Christmas trees.

The festivities continue with Mariah’s 12-year-old twins, Monroe and Moroccan, joining the merriment as they dance with a group of revelers. The moment crescendos with the unmistakable sound of Mariah’s iconic holiday anthem, “All I Want For Christmas Is You,” filling the air for the first time this season.

This 1994 classic has been a cherished holiday staple for years, and it finally clinched the No. 1 spot on the charts in 2019. Since then, it has reigned as the most beloved holiday song of all time on the Billboard Holiday 100.

Mariah Carey’s holiday spirit is infectious, and she’s set to take it on the road with her 13-date Merry Christmas One and All! tour, kicking off on November 15 in Highland, CA, and culminating in a spectacular December 17 performance at New York’s Madison Square Garden. “Embark on a journey to envelop yourself in the enchantment of the season.”


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