Maryland Judge’s Shooting Suspect and Silver Mercedes Found in Williamsport: Manhunt Continues

Manhunt Underway: Silver Mercedes Linked to Maryland Judge’s Tragic Shooting Found

In a riveting turn of events, the Washington County Sheriff’s Office has announced the discovery of Pedro Argote’s silver Mercedes in Williamsport, Maryland. This crucial development follows the shocking shooting of Judge Andrew Wilkinson, which unfolded on his very doorstep in Hagerstown, Maryland, leaving the community in shock and sorrow.

Maryland Judge

Williamsport: The Scene of the Discovery

Williamsport, a peaceful town approximately 8 miles from the judge’s residence, is now in the spotlight. It’s here that law enforcement officials made the critical discovery that could bring them closer to apprehending Argote, the prime suspect in this heinous crime.

A Targeted Attack: Pedro Argote on the Run

Judge Wilkinson’s tragic fate was no random incident. Law enforcement officials have deemed this a “targeted attack” against the judge. With the suspect, Pedro Argote, still on the loose, the public is urged to remain vigilant. Argote is described as a 49-year-old male, standing at 5 feet 7 inches, weighing 130 pounds, with black hair and brown eyes. He should be considered “armed and dangerous,” warns Washington County Sheriff Brian Albert.

Maryland Judge

A Grudge Turned Deadly: Motive Behind the Shooting

Authorities reveal that Argote allegedly shot Judge Wilkinson just hours after the judge ruled against him in a child custody case. This motive behind the shooting adds a chilling layer to this unfolding tragedy.

Security Measures Soar Amidst the Tragedy

The shocking demise of Judge Wilkinson has sent shockwaves through the legal community. As a result, security measures for judges throughout the county have reached an all-time high. Maryland State Police, taking a proactive stance, deployed troopers to protect judges residing in Washington County. The court where Judge Wilkinson served now boasts a “high-level” of security, with all judges and court personnel receiving increased protection, as revealed by Circuit Court Administrative Judge Brett Wilson.

A Bounty on Information: US Marshals Seek Justice

The US Marshals Service is leaving no stone unturned in its quest for justice. They have announced a generous reward of up to $10,000 for any information that leads to the arrest of Pedro Argote. This initiative demonstrates the unwavering commitment to apprehending the suspect and ensuring that justice prevails.

 A Disturbing Trend: Attacks Against Judges and Their Families

Judge Wilkinson’s tragic death highlights a disturbing trend. In recent times, threats and attacks against judges or their families have been on the rise. In fiscal year 2022, the US Marshals Service investigated more than 1,300 threats or possible threats among federal court personnel, underscoring the need for increased vigilance and security in the judicial system.


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