Megan Rapinoe’s Final Act: NWSL Championship Ends in Desolation – The ‘Worst Possible Outcome

Unscripted Tragedy: Megan Rapinoe’s NWSL Championship Farewell Takes a Turn for the ‘Worst Possible Outcome

In a heart-wrenching turn of events, OL Reign winger Megan Rapinoe faced what she describes as the “worst possible outcome” during the NWSL championship, marking an unexpected conclusion to her illustrious professional career. Rapinoe’s early exit due to injury during the 2-1 loss to NJ/NY Gotham FC left both fans and the soccer community in shock.

Navigating the Devastation

“It felt like just a huge pop,” Rapinoe shared, recounting the moment of her non-contact injury that led to her substitution in the sixth minute at Snapdragon Stadium. Fearing a torn Achilles tendon, she expressed gratitude for her sense of humor but acknowledged the devastation of leaving the final game so prematurely.

Megan Rapinoe

A Career’s Unforeseen Conclusion

Recently retired from the U.S. women’s national team after her 203rd appearance, Rapinoe reflected on the unexpected turn of events, stating, “That’s life, it’s part of the game.” Despite feeling physically prepared before the match, she acknowledged that not every story concludes with the perfect ending.

Rapinoe’s Impact on the Field

After Rapinoe’s substitution, the Reign faced a 2-1 deficit, unable to secure a late equalizer despite a red card to Gotham goalkeeper Amanda McGlynn during injury time. Rapinoe’s former teammate Ali Krieger, also in her final game, clinched the title with Gotham, adding a poignant layer to the emotional evening.

Field Conditions and Resilience

Addressing recent criticisms of Snapdragon Stadium’s pitch, Rapinoe clarified that the field conditions were not a factor in her injury. “These things just sort of happen,” she explained, dispelling any notion of blame on the playing surface.

Megan Rapinoe

A New Chapter Awaits

While grappling with the disappointment of her early exit, Rapinoe humorously expressed her dismay at becoming a ‘NARP’ (normal ass regular person) undergoing rehab. However, she remains positive about her accomplished career and looks forward to new off-the-field ventures, including a partnership with Nike.

Legacy Beyond the Field

Despite the NWSL title slipping through her grasp, Rapinoe remains grateful for her extensive career, filled with memorable moments and playing alongside some of the world’s best athletes. Looking ahead, she assures fans that retirement on the field won’t be the last they see of her, hinting at continued visibility in her post-soccer pursuits.

Gotham’s Triumph and MVP Recognition

On a brighter note, NJ/NY Gotham FC secured their first NWSL title with a stellar performance, guided by two assists from Midge Purce and a game-winning contribution from Spanish international Esther González. Purce, earning championship MVP honors, played a pivotal role in Gotham’s historic victory at Snapdragon Stadium.


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