New York Jets Suffer Disappointing Loss to Los Angeles Chargers

Dominant Los Angeles Chargers Crush New York Jets 27-6: A Power-Packed Victory

In a breathtaking display of power and precision, the Los Angeles Chargers improved to .500, outclassing the New York Jets 27-6 on Monday night at the iconic MetLife Stadium. The Jets, who were riding high on a three-game winning streak, found their hopes dashed as they were held without a single touchdown. It was a statement victory for the Chargers, who had recently pummeled the Chicago Bears 30-13, marking their biggest win of the season.

Heading into the matchup, the Chargers faced a formidable Jets squad renowned for their robust defense, with notable victories over star quarterbacks Josh Allen and Jalen Hurts. However, the Chargers had a plan and executed it flawlessly, securing their second consecutive win with an explosive first quarter. During this period, they surged ahead by 14 points, showcasing a defensive line performance that was nothing short of dominant, preventing the Jets from mounting a comeback.


A moment of suspense emerged when running back Austin Ekeler had three unexpected drops during the game, a career-high for him. However, Ekeler’s overall performance was commendable, with two touchdowns and 47 yards from scrimmage. In the previous season, Ekeler had been the team’s reception leader, often sparking significant plays. For the Chargers (4-4), it’s crucial that Monday’s drops become an anomaly, and Ekeler returns to his reliable form.

Joey Bosa, who had struggled following an injury earlier in the season, demonstrated a resurgence with 3.5 sacks in the last two games. His journey back to peak form took a significant leap during the Chargers’ Week 8 victory against the Bears, where he secured one sack. On Monday night, Bosa looked better than ever, recording 2.5 sacks, the second-highest in his career.

The Chargers’ star quarterback, Justin Herbert, has faced adversity in recent games, enduring 10 sacks over the past three matchups. His struggles were evident as the Jets’ defensive line consistently pushed back the Chargers’ front, leaving Herbert with less than 2.5 seconds to throw on 40% of his dropbacks. Interestingly, just hours before the game, Aaron Rodgers displayed his prowess by launching 50-yard passes in warm-ups, despite recovering from Achilles tendon surgery. The Jets’ defense, notably their ability to pressure Herbert, was the highlight of their offensive performance on Monday night.


The NFL landscape is ever-changing, and the Jets, who were once seen as feisty overachievers during their three-game winning streak, now appear to be contenders in turmoil. A struggling Zach Wilson at quarterback has left them facing doubts about their potential.

The Jets (4-4) struggled throughout the game, losing three fumbles, allowing eight sacks, and failing to perform well on third down (3-of-17). This disappointing offensive display overshadowed an impressive showing by their defense, which recorded five sacks.

This pattern has persisted for the Jets over the past two seasons, where their offense has managed only eight touchdowns in eight games. Notably, four of these touchdowns came from one-play drives, including a peculiar situation where the Philadelphia Eagles appeared to let the Jets score.

The gap between the offense and defense, which had been a challenge in the previous season, continues to plague the Jets. Aaron Rodgers, holding hope for a late-season return, may need to shift his focus to 2024 if the Jets remain in contention.


Zach Wilson’s performance had a mix of good and bad news. On the positive side, he avoided interceptions for the fifth time in six games. However, the former No. 2 overall draft pick struggled to connect with open receivers and failed to sense pressure in the pocket. This lack of awareness against Los Angeles’ 31st-ranked pass defense was reminiscent of his struggles from the previous season. The question now arises, could coach Robert Saleh consider changing quarterbacks? The options are unproven journeyman Tim Boyle or former starter Trevor Siemian, both not particularly appealing.

The reshuffled offensive line, despite being in a state of flux, faced challenges, with rookie center Joe Tippmann, Max Mitchell, and Billy Turner adjusting to new roles. Turner’s performance, allowing at least three sacks, particularly stood out. It wouldn’t be surprising if the Jets reevaluate their offensive line in the upcoming week, especially with tackle Duane Brown becoming eligible to return from injured reserve.

Biggest hole in the game plan: Offensive coordinator Nathaniel Hackett’s strategy in the first half leaned heavily on the passing game, underutilizing running back Breece Hall. Additionally, Hackett opted for too many five-man protections when the primary concern should have been pass protection.

The Jets recognized the exceptional Thomas Morstead, the AFC Special Teams Player of the Week, by including him in the pregame player introductions—a rarity for a punter. However, Morstead’s booming 59-yard punt ultimately backfired, leading to an 87-yard touchdown by Derius Davis and a 7-0 deficit from which the Jets could never recover.


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