Olivia Rodrigo’s Delightful Surprise: Joyriding with the Kimmel Family

Olivia Rodrigo Surprises Jimmy Kimmel’s Kids: A Joyful Ride with the ‘Good 4 U’ Star

Celebrity spotting is a thrilling game, and it just got a whole lot more exciting. Imagine your children earning a surprise point by spotting a mega-star during a routine school drop-off. The brighter the celebrity, the more astonishing the experience, and that’s precisely what happened to Jimmy Kimmel’s kids.

Olivia Rodrigo

Olivia Rodrigo, the chart-topping sensation behind the hit song “Good 4 U,” was the unsuspecting subject of this heartwarming celebrity encounter. As she stood by the roadside, Kimmel’s children spotted her, and what followed was a moment that even Hollywood dreams are made of.

This enchanting scene, captured for Kimmel’s late-night show airing on the evening of October 24, unfolded as Olivia Rodrigo posed as a hitchhiker, thumb out, waiting for a ride. The children, nine-year-old Jane and six-year-old Billy, were in for a delightful surprise when the music sensation hopped into their car.

Kimmel couldn’t contain his excitement, announcing to his star-struck passengers, “You know Olivia, we listen to your music on the way to school all the time.” The joyous encounter continued with some miles behind them, filled with heartwarming exchanges and endless laughter. Eventually, the Rodrigo tunes took center stage as the Kimmel family embarked on a karaoke session.

As for why Rodrigo was hitchhiking, the answer was as unexpected as the encounter itself. Olivia Rodrigo, despite her immense fame, does not hold a driver’s license.

Kimmel ensured a smooth ride, as Rodrigo made her way to his show for a proper Q&A session. During the late-night segment, the triple Grammy Award winner, three-time Billboard Hot 100 leader, and two-time Billboard 200 champ shared insights about her life, from house hunting to her fear of ghosts, and even what’s inside her bag of “President Biden goodies.”

Olivia Rodrigo

The world of fame, as it turns out, is equally fascinating for Olivia Rodrigo’s parents. Her dad proudly “brags to his co-workers” about his daughter’s success, while her mom remains “modest and shy” in the spotlight, maintaining a certain level of coyness when discussing her daughter’s achievements.

Surprisingly, Rodrigo is fluent in the language of profanity. When crafting her songs, she contemplates the use of four-letter words carefully. “I think about it often,” she explains. “I love using a swear word when I think it’s tasteful and necessary.” In some of her songs, like “Guts,” she initially used profanity extensively but later toned it down.

As a delightful finale to her appearance on Kimmel’s show, Rodrigo treated the audience to a heartfelt performance of “Ballad of a Homeschooled Girl.” A captivating evening filled with surprises and enchantment, truly living up to the magic of Hollywood.


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