Patrick Dempsey: The Irresistible New England Icon Takes Center Stage as the 2023 Sexiest Man Alive

From McDreamy to the Sexiest Man Alive: Patrick Dempsey’s Remarkable Journey

In a stunning turn of events, New England has crowned a new Sexiest Man Alive, and it’s none other than the charming Lewiston, Maine native, Patrick Dempsey. At the age of 57, this former “Grey’s Anatomy” heartthrob graciously accepts the title bestowed upon him by People, and he couldn’t be happier that this recognition for his undeniable good looks is happening at this point in his life.

Dempsey, affectionately known as “McDreamy” from his “Grey’s Anatomy” days, steps into the spotlight, replacing last year’s Sexiest Man Alive, Chris Evans, the “Captain America” star hailing from Sudbury. Patrick Dempsey becomes the fourth talented actor from New England to be granted this coveted honor, following in the footsteps of luminaries like Ben Affleck in 2002 and Matt Damon in 2007.

Patrick Dempsey

To celebrate this momentous occasion, Dempsey graced “Jimmy Kimmel Live!” on Tuesday night, where the late-night host humorously alluded to his previous near misses as a Sexiest Man Alive candidate. This time around, Dempsey takes center stage, proving that dreams do come true, as he quips, “Never give up on a dream.”

While fans might eagerly await a showdown between the two New England heartthrobs, Dempsey revealed that Evans has yet to call and concede the Sexiest Man Alive title. The friendly competition between them adds a layer of excitement to this year’s announcement.

As we look ahead to the future, Patrick Dempsey is set to captivate audiences with his upcoming roles in two highly anticipated films, “Thanksgiving,” a Plymouth-set horror flick set to release on November 17, and “Ferrari,” a thrilling racing drama set for December 25.


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While fans across the world shower Dempsey with adoration and applause, there is one demographic who remains unimpressed – his kids. According to Dempsey, they found the news of their father’s honor utterly hilarious, prompting laughter that resounded throughout their household. The actor takes it all in stride, acknowledging the amusing reality check delivered by his family.

In recent years, the Sexiest Man Alive title has showcased some of Hollywood’s finest, with Paul Rudd in 2021 and “Creed” star Michael B. Jordan in 2020 taking the coveted title. However, in 2023, it’s all about Patrick Dempsey, the charismatic New Englander whose charm and good looks have finally secured him a place at the top.

With this announcement, Patrick Dempsey is not just a Hollywood heartthrob; he’s now officially the Sexiest Man Alive, an honor that undoubtedly adds to his already impressive career.


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