Maryanne Trump Barry, Renowned Judge and Sibling to Former President, Passes at 86

Maryanne Trump Barry

In Memoriam: Maryanne Trump Barry, A Judge’s Journey New York City Police Department confirmed the passing of Maryanne Trump Barry, the esteemed older sister of former President Donald Trump. A luminary in the judicial realm, Barry, 86, retired in April 2019 from her role as a federal appellate judge, as per the New York Times. … Read more

The Donald Trump Legacy at Stake: $250 Million Fraud Trial Puts the Family on Trial

Donald Trump’s Heirs on the Hot Seat: High-Stakes Testimonies in Civil Fraud Trial In a dramatic courtroom battle, Donald Trump’s sons are poised to steal the spotlight at the $250 million civil fraud trial against the Trump family and their business empire in New York this week. The trial’s focus worded headline and their testimonies are set … Read more

Trump’s Resurgence: Dominates GOP Field with 58% in Latest Poll


Presidential Standoff: Trump and Biden Deadlocked at 37% with Kennedy in Play In a political arena marked by uncertainty, one year before the presidential election, Joe Biden and Donald Trump find themselves in an astonishing tie, each securing 37% of the vote, according to the latest USA TODAY/Suffolk University Poll. This unexpected equilibrium is influenced … Read more