UNC Chapel Hill Lockdown Lifted After Armed Individual Arrested; Concerns Grow Over Campus Safety

UNC Chapel Hill Lockdown Lifted After Armed Individual Arrested; Concerns Grow Over Campus Safety

In a recent incident at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, a lockdown was implemented following reports of an armed individual on campus. The situation unfolded at the Student Union, where witnesses described the suspect brandishing a firearm during an employment-related conflict at Alpine Bagel, a campus eatery. The lockdown, the second of its kind in the current semester, has raised concerns among students and faculty about safety on campus.

 UNC Chapel Hill Lockdown Lifted After Armed Individual Arrested; Concerns Grow Over Campus Safety

Lockdown Incident Unfolds

The incident occurred on Wednesday, prompting swift action from campus police. The suspect, identified as Mickel Deonte Harris, aged 27, was subsequently apprehended and arrested on outstanding warrants related to an assault that took place earlier in September 2023. UNC Chapel Hill Police Chief Brian James stated that investigations are ongoing, with authorities reviewing campus surveillance footage. The motive behind the armed person’s actions remains unclear at this time.

Campus Safety Concerns

UNC Chancellor Kevin Guskiewicz expressed his concern, stating, “It’s sad and alarming that there have now been two lockdowns over the past 16 days on our campus where we’ve had to apprehend individuals who violated the safety and well-being of our community.” He emphasized the prohibition of firearms on campus and across the state of North Carolina.

Second Lockdown in Three Weeks

Remarkably, this marks the second lockdown in the past three weeks at UNC Chapel Hill due to threats related to gunfire on or near campus. Just weeks ago, the campus community experienced a three-hour lockdown following a tragic incident in which a graduate student shot and killed an associate professor with a firearm. The two incidents, according to Guskiewicz, are unrelated.

Student Frustrations

The recent lockdowns have left students like Jason Naulty frustrated. Naulty, a law student at UNC Chapel Hill, shared his experience of receiving alerts so close together that he initially thought it might be a system glitch. He expressed a “magnified sense of frustration” upon realizing the presence of another armed individual on campus. The missed classes due to the lockdowns have only added to the growing concerns about gun policy and culture in the country.

Calls for Gun Reform

In the wake of these incidents, voices advocating for stricter gun control measures have grown louder. At the North Carolina Legislature, protestors from the university’s March For Our Lives chapter called for action on gun reform, while others took to social media during the recent lockdown to demand stronger gun control measures in the state and across the nation.


The recent incident at UNC Chapel Hill highlights the ongoing debate surrounding campus safety and gun control. With two lockdowns in a matter of weeks, the university community, along with concerned citizens, is calling for meaningful change to ensure the safety and well-being of all on campus.


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