Unveiling the Secrets: Baby Jane Doe’s Decades-Long Mystery Solved after 35 years

Cold Case Cracked: The Emotional Journey to Find ‘Baby Jane Doe’s’ True Identity

In a chilling discovery that has finally unraveled a 35-year-old mystery, the once-anonymous “Baby Jane Doe” has been identified as Kenyatta “KeKe” Odom. The revelation came after authorities in Georgia apprehended her mother, Evelyn Odom, also known as Zmecca Luciana, and her then live-in boyfriend, Ulyster Sanders, both from Albany, on charges including felony murder, child cruelty, aggravated battery, concealing the death, and conspiracy to conceal the death.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigation disclosed in a press conference in Waycross that Kenyatta’s lifeless body was found on December 21, 1988, in Millwood, Ware County. Hidden in an old TV cabinet, wrapped in a blanket, secured in a duffel bag, and encased in concrete at an illicit dumping site, the horrific details of her discovery sent shockwaves through the community.

Baby Jane Doe

Special Agent in Charge Jason Seacrist emotionally conveyed the breakthrough, stating, “Finally after 35 years, not only were we able to identify the remains of who ‘Baby Jane Doe’ was, but we were also able to make the arrest of who we believe were responsible.”

Evelyn Odom and Ulyster Sanders, now 56 and 61 years old respectively, were taken into custody on November 9 without incident. Their charges paint a grim picture of the crimes committed against young Kenyatta, whose father’s whereabouts remain unknown.

The Albany Herald newspaper found near Kenyatta’s concealed body in 1988 played a pivotal role in connecting the case to Albany, 100 miles away from Millwood. Despite years of forensic testing, national media coverage, and comparisons to missing children nationwide, the suspects eluded authorities, and the child remained unidentified.

The turning point came in 2019 when modern DNA tracing techniques linked Kenyatta to a family in the Albany area. The breakthrough solidified in 2022 following a public tipoff prompted by renewed news coverage and an appeal for information on the case’s anniversary. The tipster, moved by the story of ‘Baby Jane Doe,’ played a crucial role in the positive identification of Kenyatta in June of this year.

Baby Jane Doe

During the press conference, Seacrist expressed gratitude to an anonymous local donor who contributed a $5,000 reward for information related to the “Ware County Baby Jane Doe” case. Ware County Sheriff Carl James, one of the two detectives present at the grim discovery 35 years ago, emphasized the ongoing efforts of investigators in cold cases.

“In cases that stay unsolved for a long time, detectives keep working on them, even if people don’t see any progress for months or years. Sheriff James wants everyone to know that this persistence is what finally brought justice to Kenyatta Odom after many years of not knowing what happened.”


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